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by Webmasterpublished on September 15, 2021

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…”I retired a captain. I was in a special unit. Part of Delta force. I joined the army in 1987. I Retired officially September 3 of this year. Just a few days ago. I have a Krypto 13 security clearance. That is a handler, of document’s, and or material’s that are above top secret. I’ve been involved in many things I cannot talk about. However, there are many things I can talk about.

I was awarded the silver star, bronze star, purple heart. I served in Somolia, Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and some places I can’t speak about. There are only 4 members out of 44 ,that are still alive, including myself.” — CAPTAIN FROM SPECIAL UNIT

I talk about the latest info regarding Trump''s DARK WEB phone call, the vision of the Catholic mystic, Anna Marie and the visions of 4 remote viewers of a mushroom cloud sometime in Sept. , Biden, Q and Juan O Savin.

Developing story....

09.26.2021 UPDATE.  REMOTE VIEWER DAZ SMITH will be my guest on Tuesday the 28th.  See videos below for more info. PLEASE NOTE THE PURPOSE FOR POSTING
You can quote me....Kim Goguen..of course she’s programmed she’s anunnaki..that’s why they tried to manage her so completely.  It doesn’t mean she hasn’t broken away and isn’t trying to chart her own course.
Same with Trump… maybe he comes from a long line of Black Sun but he too has broken away and is charting a new course. 

Even those on the dark side eventually come to the light,  It’s just a matter of time.

--KL Cassidy
UPDATED:  09.22.2021. also see my previous post here with the info from the REMOTE VIEWERS WHO are being careful and withholding key information on what they really saw…
UPDATE 9.24.21 LA PALMA:  a new fissure has opened in the North end of the island as of yesterday and they are saying they are detecting another volcano in the North… So this means that La Palma is actually made up of 2 volcanos.  Whether the 2nd volcano is active is not clear. I received communication from one of the remote viewers who saw a “mushroom cloud”.  His name is Daz Smith and he is one of the top remote viewers in the world.  I have interviewed him in the past. Posting the following at his request: This is an email response from Daz Smith to my questions regarding getting more detail on the Mushroom Cloud remote viewing. Daz wrote: From: daz smith <> Date: September 23, 2021 at 08:13:38 PDT To: Kerry Cassidy <> Subject: RE: La Palma Kerry, I hope you are well. I have to inform you - your assumptions are incorrect. We are not hiding anything nor have we been told to do so. When we, as remote viewers see potentially catastrophic future events we are cautious as to sharing the information for a variety of reasons.
  1. Future information is less accurate in RV.
  2. The magnitude of RV reported predictive data seems to be way more than the actual events that occurs.
  3. We try to report as ethically and responsibly as possible.
We are just being ethical and cautious in what and how we present predictive data. There is no conspiracy here. Maybe you should share my comments on all this./ end of email All the Best... Daz Smith    

LA PALMA…. Remote viewers hiding something…

More evidence the remote viewers ARE HIDING SOMETHING…. The images of this eruption are striking and based on their latest update the RVers seem to be purposely misdirecting the audience away from what they really saw…. When viewing this event seeing a “mushroom cloud” is the least of what is really happening.  The magma is rising into the air and increasing…While just now the USGS came forward to try to debunk the theory of the east coast of the U.S. being potentially effected by a Tsunami.  USGS is lying about a lot of things and has for years… they are more of a COVERUP agency than an agency that reports what’s really happening.  Also must see this short UK expert video which totally contradicts the USGS…providing a VERY persuasive argument.     correct link:

Kerry talks about current events, nano, Project Leonid (nano satellite grid in low earth orbit) and more…

I talk about the negotiation, the traitors, the Taliban and the women, crimes against humanity, JFKjr and the airplane crash and the Navy, white hats and the military.
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