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by Webmasterpublished on November 11, 2021

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Back in 1994 I warned of an ASTEROID STRIKE off the coast of GREENLAND in 2028 AD in THE VAJRA CHRONICLES which would bring 7  years of chaos to Earth. In fact 4 asteroids will come within .0001 par sec distance of Earth between 2027 and 2030. These strikes MAY LEAD to direct ET intervention, called THE DAY OF APPEARANCE 2034 AD.
Ismael is an awakened star seed with memories of an ancient galactic war that took place in our galaxy...


My report in-depth blow by blow on the Juan O Savin reveal and the border story and more…  

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    Never ceases to amaze me how quick people are to ignorantly alter their bodies. You have a tattoo, your skin will never again perspire there. Poke holes in it, poison it, etc. This human body is a divine creation. It is a valuable system for achieving higher consciousness. Temple of the body is hackneyed but more true than people think. So I am leary of anything with invasive designs on my body. You go under the knife as a cosmetic, you cut your nadis, wreck the flow of chi. Much is possible with an intact body. Less than that, choices are limited.


    The common complaint of literate intelligent persons is isolation. As your class is a bit thin, it is necessary to be proactive. The general public is a vicious beast. It is ruled by the lowest common denominator. So clean up your act and seek the company of others who do. If you have a small congregation or club of shared ideals and insights, you can ignore the vile abuse of those who divide and conquer by bullying, etc. Those who abuse you are usually alone. With your congregation , you are not. As you associate with etiquette and respect, you can develop a positive gestalt. Speak plainly, do your duty. In time the uncommitted turn to you for solutions and a sort of leadership. I believe it was Socrates who said the unexamined life is not worth living. Some wag once said Nixon was the epitomy of the unexamined life. Can’t argue with that. Look at the Masons. They hang out in private clubs showering each other with honorifics, putting on gaudy trappings like they were admirals. Hey, it works for them. Anyone can do that. I’ve seen some spinoff masons who probably aren’t recognized by the mainstream. They have a mutual assistance club. The Mormons are outstanding for their community. Say what you will, a good Mormon is as good as anyone and they are quite welcoming. The fact is, these are the toughest times I have ever seen. I mean, no jab no job? Next stop the third world. Yeah, a few people are having a party. For the rest of us the only party is Communist. With what’s scrolling up, I need someone to cover my back. I have to sleep sometime.


    You are wondering what to do. It is my observation that social organization wins wars. Don’t mourn, organize. Now I don’t mean manipulation or bullying. It’s education, to draw out. Inspire to participate. Seek out people who are motivated. Lose your husband to the jab? Want to get even? like that.


    Apparently you missed a lesson in your military education. Smacking them upside the head with the proverbial 2X4 is indeed necessary, because first you have to get their attention. Ever notice that’s the first order when an officer is on deck? Look at Laura Eisenhower. Love her to death, but she doesn’t nail down attention first. She firehoses her audience with screwball stuff I never heard of. Myself, she had me at Eisenhower. So I listen carefully and just make out what she is saying. As a male, I am not real conversant in Goddess tradition, but I can appreciate it. Her expansive view rather reminds me of Tim Leary’s delivery. Less talk, more illustration. An outline of where the show is going might help. Hey, I’m just the audience. None of my business. I just ponied up the cash to tune in and turn on.