My report in-depth blow by blow on the Juan O Savin reveal and the border story and more…  


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I will be talking with Cirsten W bestselling author and broadcaster.
Cirsten's website with links is
THE DOOMSDAY CLOCK AND THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT… …”Dr. Sean-David Morton, the most accurate and successful futurist of the 20th and 21st Century, lays it all out for you. Times, dates, places, what THE GROUP in the ABOVE BLACK WORLD has been up to, and updates on the deadly LA PALMA volcano, which Sean has been talking about for YEARS as one of the FIVE HORSEMAN of the AMERICAN APOCALYPSE…and now it looms over us all!”– Sean David Morton
I talk about the latest info regarding Trump''s DARK WEB phone call, the vision of the Catholic mystic, Anna Marie and the visions of 4 remote viewers of a mushroom cloud sometime in Sept. , Biden, Q and Juan O Savin.

Developing story....

09.26.2021 UPDATE.  REMOTE VIEWER DAZ SMITH will be my guest on Tuesday the 28th.  See videos below for more info. PLEASE NOTE THE PURPOSE FOR POSTING
You can quote me....Kim Goguen..of course she’s programmed she’s anunnaki..that’s why they tried to manage her so completely.  It doesn’t mean she hasn’t broken away and isn’t trying to chart her own course.
Same with Trump… maybe he comes from a long line of Black Sun but he too has broken away and is charting a new course. 

Even those on the dark side eventually come to the light,  It’s just a matter of time.

--KL Cassidy
UPDATED:  09.22.2021. also see my previous post here with the info from the REMOTE VIEWERS WHO are being careful and withholding key information on what they really saw…
UPDATE 9.24.21 LA PALMA:  a new fissure has opened in the North end of the island as of yesterday and they are saying they are detecting another volcano in the North… So this means that La Palma is actually made up of 2 volcanos.  Whether the 2nd volcano is active is not clear. I received communication from one of the remote viewers who saw a “mushroom cloud”.  His name is Daz Smith and he is one of the top remote viewers in the world.  I have interviewed him in the past. Posting the following at his request: This is an email response from Daz Smith to my questions regarding getting more detail on the Mushroom Cloud remote viewing. Daz wrote: From: daz smith <> Date: September 23, 2021 at 08:13:38 PDT To: Kerry Cassidy <> Subject: RE: La Palma Kerry, I hope you are well. I have to inform you - your assumptions are incorrect. We are not hiding anything nor have we been told to do so. When we, as remote viewers see potentially catastrophic future events we are cautious as to sharing the information for a variety of reasons.
  1. Future information is less accurate in RV.
  2. The magnitude of RV reported predictive data seems to be way more than the actual events that occurs.
  3. We try to report as ethically and responsibly as possible.
We are just being ethical and cautious in what and how we present predictive data. There is no conspiracy here. Maybe you should share my comments on all this./ end of email All the Best... Daz Smith    

LA PALMA…. Remote viewers hiding something…

More evidence the remote viewers ARE HIDING SOMETHING…. The images of this eruption are striking and based on their latest update the RVers seem to be purposely misdirecting the audience away from what they really saw…. When viewing this event seeing a “mushroom cloud” is the least of what is really happening.  The magma is rising into the air and increasing…While just now the USGS came forward to try to debunk the theory of the east coast of the U.S. being potentially effected by a Tsunami.  USGS is lying about a lot of things and has for years… they are more of a COVERUP agency than an agency that reports what’s really happening.  Also must see this short UK expert video which totally contradicts the USGS…providing a VERY persuasive argument.     correct link:

REPOSTED August 27, 2021:  (originally posted in May 2021) Scroll down to see latest emails from Viewers substantiating that JFKjr is Juan O Savin... Kerry is David's guest as they ponder whether the elusive Juan O Savin is indeed JFK Jr. - see below for updates from viewers!
I interviewed Captain Mark Richards for the ninth time and this is my total recall. Mark Richards is a political prisoner in the War of Worlds going on here on Planet Earth.

I interviewed Dr. Robert Wood, author of the website investigating and revealing the forensics behind the Majestic 12 documents ( and the Editor of the two books by William Tompkins (former aerospace whistleblower on the Secret Space Program).  Note:  we apologize for the sound... Bob was using a phone and for some reason his audio came across very scratchy sounding. See my prior interview with William Tompkins linked below for more info.

SHOWTIME:  1pm PT Tuesday May 18, 2021.
I talk with Aviation investigator Declan Curran about Flight 370 and MH17... what really happened and the intel I have and his detailed intel from extensive study. He has a book coming out on the subject and is consulted by Field McConnell, the well known pilot investigator into the Boeing Auto Pilot and more....
"INTELLIGENCE FAILURE" over the UFO situation on Planet Earth according to Luis Elizondo and Nick Pope being recruited to SPIN THE LIES.. about how they kept this all secret from the pubic for the past 70 years!!!  This was a COVERUP that those with higher clearances (including Snowden) knew all about...!!!!!!!!   LIES LIES LIES...

Author, mystery man, special forces?, Q?, JFKjr? Historian, Spokesman for Trump and team....  INTERVIEW FRIDAY, FEB 12, 2021.  This is an Epic interview of world-shaking proportions.  Kerry asks Juan the hard questions on whether the military are in charge and the current state of play with respect to the Trump team's drive to save the world from the Luciferian Agenda.

I interview Cyrus Parsa regarding his new book, THE GREAT RESET:  How Big Tech Elites and the World's People Can Be Enslaved by China CCP or A.I.  We also talk about current events, his view on why Trump lost the election and what may happen in the future. See link below to get book.

James Grundvig is an author of three books and an investigative journalist. He has published in the Epoch Times newspaper,, the Financial Times Foreign Direct Investment magazine, among other media outlets.

I interview Cyrus A. Parsa from the AI Organization Friday, Oct 15, 2020 @ 1pm PT. This was my 4th interview with Cyrus.  This interview contains a healthy back and forth conversation.  For people who prefer a more sedate less challenging interview please be warned!

Parsa, is the Founder and CEO of The AI Organization, where he is also Director of Creative Analysis & Defensive Innovations. He has researched and investigated more than 1,000 AI, Robotics, 5G, Cybernetic and Big Tech companies.
Kerry turns tables on Robert and interviews him today @ 1pm PT. THIS INTERVIEW WAS EDITED FOR DELAYS... See below for bio and links.

This is my 2nd interview with Anthony.  He will be talking about his latest experiences and who the Illuminati REALLY are and the secret that they protect.


TODAY 1PM PT :  JAN 15, 2020 I interview author, activist, columnist about the take down of his well known wordpress blog called THE LEFT HOOK, latest books including:  Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse, Illuminati Agenda 21 (see more below)...

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